Aqua Supreme Conditioner

Aqua Supreme Conditioner

Smart Head:
This state of the art computerized control valve has it all! Meter regeneration, measures water consumption and only regenerates when necessary. Bult-in memory for power outages. Automatic fluffing cycle, after 14 days it will automatically regenerate if no water has been used. This feature protects against media settlement and bacteria growth. Just set it and forget it!

Cocolytic Carbon:
Removes Chlorine, Trihalomethane, Chloramines. Reduces lead, mercury, copper, zinc, arsenic and significantly improves flavor.

Zeolite High Capacity Super-Charged Resin:
As water passes over this high quality resin bead, it acts like a magnet attaching all calcium and magnesium, thus turning your water from hard to soft. This media can be cleansed over and over again.

KDF safely reduces or removes iron, sulphur, heavy metals and bacteria from your water. This miraculous media will extend the life of your carbon up to 15 times, saving homeowners hundreds in maintenance fees.

Garnet Bedding:
Works as a sediment filter trapping sand, rust, dirt, silt and clay.

Brine Tank:

  • Uses salt or potassium
  • Locking lid.
  • 300 pound capacity.
  • Heavy duty pvc.
  • Free salt or potassium delivery.