Carbon Clarifier

NO CHEMICALS NEEDED!!! The Crystal Clear Choice For Your Water Has Now Gone GREEN!

carbon clarifier

This digital control valve, offers state of the art technology. Built in memory for power outages. Automatic 20 day fluffing cycles or 4,000 gallons this insures the cleanest water possible. Over time carbon grains become saturated with contaminants. Requiring back washing for cleansing. This is done by running water backwards through the system to remove harmful substances.

Coconut Carbon:
Although expensive, coconut shell actually is more porous than most carbons and has higher absorption capabilities. Removes chlorine, perchlorate(Rocket Fuel) and reduces heavy metals such lead, mercury, arsenic, thallium, copper, zinc, etc.

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC):
Highly absorbant. Removes odors, foul taste, gasses, hydrogen sulfide and is highly proficient in reducing volatile organic compounds(VOC’s) such as pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. As well as many commercial and industrial chemical contaminants.

Catalytic Carbon:
Proven and undisputed the best form of carbon to remove chloromine.Chloromine removal is requested the most from city water customers. As well as the highly carcinogenic trihalomethanes(THM’s) that are formed when chlorine combines with organic matter.

KDF-55 :
Worth it’s weight in gold. This miraculous media can extend the life of your carbon 15 times, saving homeowners hundreds in maintenance fees. As well, it will inhibit the growth of bacteria within the tank.

Garnet Bedding:
Works as a sedimant filter trapping sand, silt , dirt and clay.