iron block

Iron Block

A customized water solution designed for your private well.

  • Softens Water
  • Softer Clothes, Smoother Skin And Longer Appliance Life.
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Clean, Refreshing Water
  • Sulfur Reduction
  • Tannin Reduction (Yellow Water)
  • Iron Removal Up To 4 PPM
  • Meter Regeneration (Salt Saver)
  • Built In Memory (Battery Back-up)
  • One Time Relocate In Florida
  • Reduces Metals
  • Eliminates Multiple Tank Systems
  • Locking Brine Tank
  • 300 lb Capacity
  • Free Salt Deliveries
  • Uses Salt Or Potassium Chloride

Manufactured Exclusively For:

aqua pure solutions