Restaurant Water Treatment


Water treatment is the single most overlooked component of running a restaurant business. The food, ambiance and decor may be perfect, but if the drinking water tastes bad your customers will notice. If the very same water your customers are drinking is also causing hard water stains on your silverware, dishware, glassware, etc., that too will be noticed. Hard water not only shortens the lifespan of expensive equipment used in restaurants, such as dishwashers, ice machines, water heaters, etc., but it will also negatively impact the positive impression you strive to present to customers. We work with some of the best restaurants in the area to ensure the quality of their water is nothing short of perfect. Call us at 941-366-3020 for a free water analysis so that we can help you present the best of everything your restaurant has to offer.


Fountain drinks such as soda and juice, as well as coffee, consists of up to 99% water. If unfiltered tap water is used to make such drinks, an undesirable chlorine taste will be noticed. To ensure that your customers are getting the full flavor in every glass they purchase, consider a filtration system to filter out any chlorine taste, odors and sediment particles that may be present in the tap water. Keep your customers happy with quality water and they will surely be thirsty for more! Call us at 941-366-3020 and we will make sure your customers can taste the Aqua Pure Solutions difference, Everyday!