The Bonnie

With your own RO water filter system working for you twenty-four hours a day, you can have as much purified water at the touch of a finger whenever you want it. Free to use all you want, clean, safe water on tap, and no more trips to the store.

bonnie water cooler

  • Built-in 4 stage RO system
  • Touch switch interface for cold and hot water
  • Safety lock for hot water
  • Invisible cup dispenser direct chill system
  • Powerful chill capacity up to 5 gallons per hour
  • Heating power up to 3 gallons per hour
  • RO produces 80 gallons per day
  • Dimensions (13” wide, 14” deep, 41.5” tall)


the bonnie 4 stage reverse osmosis

A complete 4 stage
RO w/booster pump
neatly concealed
within the tower.

the bonnie cup storage

Innovative cup
storage designed
facing the top
for easier access.

the bonnie cup dispenser

The large dispenser
space for nicely for
the commonly-used
tall mug or glass.